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PODCAST: The Co-Founder & CEO Of Yeepeey Grocery Delivery App Dives Into What Makes It Stand Out From Hundreds Of Competitors

By, balram
  • 23 Oct, 2021
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PODCAST: The Co-Founder & CEO Of Yeepeey Food Delivery App Dives Into What Makes It Stand Out From Hundreds Of Competitors

In this episode of Dubai Works, we’re joined by Monish Chandiramani, Co-founders and CEO of Yeepeey. It’s an online application that deals in grocery, essentials and confectionery shopping through its platforms and promised delivery within 30 to 45 minutes. It began 6 months ago.

What makes Yeepeey stand out among the other delivery apps in the country is that it aims for delivery within 30 to 45 minutes, there are no mark-up prices for the products, the delivery fee is 1/3 of what others would charge or sometimes even free, and it showcases the promotions of the store as well as their own

While doing his MBA in a Dubai university, he realised that online delivery apps mark-up the prices of products and charge high delivery fees, which sparked his and his partner’s interest to create a more affordable online shopping platform.

The app actually serves as a real-time feedback and inventory checker for stores. There are 3 Yeepeey apps, one for customers, one for delivery, and one for the stores. The stores would use their app to update their inventory; what prices have changed and what has gone out of stock. The app does however inform the customer in real-time if an item went out of stock and offers replacement products. At the end of the shopping journey, the app requests feedback which is then automatically sent to the store.

Although Yeepeey has been online for 6 months only, it has over 10,000 downloads and hosts giant stores like Al Maya and Union-Coop

Most of the delivery is carried out by the stores themselves on cycles which guarantee speedy delivery and reduce the carbon footprint. Yeepeey is currently only live in Dubai but is opening up in Abu Dhabi this December and moving to northern emirates afterwards.

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